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We are so excited to announce: WOULD IT BE WEIRD? was released on March 26, 2024.

It is a wonderful book full of larger-than-life adventures and imagination.
It is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and IngramSpark today!

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Available in paperback, hardcover, and eBook.

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Upcoming Projects

We are fast at work on multiple projects that will be coming soon. Here are a few that we are featuring right now.

Would It Be Weird?

Join a spirited little girl as she sits down for dinner, only to be swept away by her imagination fueled by her curiosity.

From “epic dance battles” with sharks to
Viking cows “battling chicken pirates”,
“Would It Be Weird If…”
reminds us all of the magic that lies in
dreaming big, asking “what if?”, and
embracing the joy of being a child.

Will she ever finish her dinner?!?

Released on March 26, 2024

The Three Little Pigs and
the Big Bad Lobo

Embark on an exciting adventure with the three little pigs as they build their houses and outsmart the big bad Lobo in this classic tale with a delightful
Spanish twist.

Designed with young language learners in mind, this timeless story introduces 20 commonly used Spanish words through the magic of storytelling. 

Designed with young language learners in mind, this timeless story introduces 20 commonly used Spanish words through the magic of storytelling. 

Coming May 28, 2024

Pocketful of Dinosaurs

Coming October 2024

Featured Spotlights

Welcome to our Featured Spotlights, where we celebrate the magical minds behind the pages of our beloved children’s picture books. Here, we shine a bright light on the incredible talents of both authors and illustrators whose imaginative worlds and captivating storytelling bring joy to young readers.

Explore the inspiring stories, artistic journeys, and creative processes of these remarkable individuals who make the pages come alive with their words and illustrations. Join us in honoring these visionaries, whose passion and dedication ignite imaginations and foster a love for storytelling and art.

Jairalin Repalbor (aka Bunbunillus)

Jairalin lives in the Philippines and is a Freelance Illustrator who loves to work on picture books and cartoon illustrations.

A passionate and skilled illustrator, Jairalin has worked on several children’s books, including “Mermaids Don’t Wear Floaties”, “B.E.E. S.M.A.R.T.!”, “Can You Play with Me?” and many more.


Mariano Epelbaum

Mariano has worked as a character designer, illustrator, and animator since 1996 in Argentina. He has many awards and nominations for his work in film & print.

Mariano is credited as an Art Director and Character Designer in the production of the 3D animated feature film “Underdogs” (“Metegol” in Latin America). He has worked on several projects in TV and film, and has illustrated several picture books.

Darya Shch

Darya is a children’s book illustrator who lives in a tiny village near Barcelona, Spain.

She is a ‘foodie’ at heart, always eager to try new flavors and dishes. Nature and animals are Darya’s biggest inspirations. You can often find her drawing at the beach, sketching characters for her next exciting story!

Darya has led and contributed to many projects for nextCore Books.

Ben Askew

Ben is an author/illustrator from the USA. Being illiterate until the 6th grade, drawing became an escape from his embarrassment. Now, he wants to build a passion for reading in kids! With three children of his own, bedtime is filled with fantastic stories of wild and wacky pirates, princesses, dragons, cowboys and astronauts. Ben and his wife want to leave the world a better place with their books.

Beatriz del Álamo

Beatriz is a professional illustrator with a degree in Art from the University of Granada (Spain) and a master’s degree in Illustration with 7+ years of experience in this field.

She has illustrated 7 books, including “Under the Bed”, “Ghost Town”, and “The Search for Bigfoot”. She has also worked for a publisher, designed covers, and much more.

Lau Frank

Lau is an established children’s book author/illustrator based in Aarhus, Denmark. In a very short time, Lau has showcased tremendous talent and has exploded onto the illustration scene having illustrated over 30+ books (and counting).

He is represented by Lemonade Illustration Agency.

Krzysztof Kałucki

Krzysztof lives in Warsaw, Poland. He has had a passion for drawing from an early age and has expanded his skillsets and capabilities ever since, including completing his stuides at the Warsaw University of Technology.

His first publication was in 2008, and has had a long career where he specializes in Illustrations for books, brochures, storyboards, and leaflets for publishers, advertising agencies, and various companies.

Karine Martins Costa

Karine lives in Brazil and graduated in animation cinema. She fell in love with children’s books and decided to dedicate herself to the area.

Today, she seeks to bring life to the stories she illustrates. She is emphasizes aesthetics, textures, and inserting emotion behind each of amazing illustrations.  


Donald Benedict

Donald Benedict is a talented illustrator from Nigeria who focuses on producing eye-catching images for picture books and cartoons for kids.

He uses his expert use of color and structure to bring concepts to life with a passion for art and a desire to encourage young people to read.


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